Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend away

So this last weekend was spent away from home. Bellingham Washington to be exact. K$'s best friend lives up there and we hadn't been up in a long time. Friday we packed dude and all his stuff, a bike, Mick's frame and enough clothes for a long weekend away. Here's all the stuff I didn't while K$ and dude hung out.

-Ride for and hour in B-Ham and see three real cyclists (Western Wash and a couple FRM)

-Drive to Herriott Sports Performance to check out the facility and do a group indoor ride. It was cool to have 8 people all hooked up to Computrainers 'racing' a course and each other. All the while Todd is jumping around and talking a mile a minute.
-I then went to Cascade Bicycle Studio and met Zac. He's got a sweet gig going, Here's what he's doing.
-Went to the 'burbs and hung out with Anthony and company. We discussed the merits of riding on all white Flights and I think I might have his lady sold on a new mountianbike.

-Rode with a group out of Fanatik Bike under sunny skies. It was great, there where about 20 people that showed up. They have a pretty good bike culture in Bellingham and from the sounds of things it's growing.

-Drive home, yuck. I have to work tomorrow.


Anthony said...

Whats the deal, the hours spent at the elder Cree manor doesn't even warrant a mention?

make my next bike a vanilla...

Brian Marcroft said...


Anthony said...

Much better.