Thursday, January 24, 2008

Economic Stimulus

It looks like everyone that held a job in 2007 is getting a 'gift' from the government. Sounds like a great time for everyone to buy a custom bike that's made in the US.

The only true way to stimulate the US economy is to keep the money from going overseas. The largest component I use that is not manufactured in the US is the tubeset and that is made in Italy. Bottom brackets, bridges, bosses are all made in the bay area. The tubing reseller is in Sacramento and Tri-Cities. All my Ti is domestic. My paint is done in Salem, Grants Pass or PDX.

So when a frame is purchased from Marcroft Cycles it's economic effect is far reaching.


Old as dirt said...

Mine is still waiting for parts! Hopefully by the first week in Feb.

See PDog and ES have been getting into fights with dump truck drivers!

Brian Marcroft said...

Get that thing built up and bring it to the show. There's always room for one more bike in my booth.

My money would be on pru-dog. I bet he fights dirty. Scratching, pulling hair, kicks to the groan, whatever it takes to win...