Monday, January 28, 2008

NAHBS Exhibitor List

I was scanning through the list of exhibitors for the show and something struck me funny....some of the builders are actually big ass companies that are cranking out a huge number of bikes per year (6000+). Hmmmm. I was looking forward to displaying with my peers.

Oh well, I'll make the best of it. If you're coming up to the show stop by and say hi. If all goes right I should be losing my voice sometime Sunday so if you want to actually talk, stop by Saturday.

While they last, I'll have cell phone sized Marcroft stickers to hand out too.


Old as dirt said...

I've had about zero riding the past two weeks, and this week is not looking too promising.
I might need to stay home and actually ride my bike that weekend!

andrew said...

bikehugger should be there (kid cooperation dependent) for some "builder insight".

Brian Marcroft said...

OAD-Stay home and ride, I need you fit this year. I'm the team slow guy, not you.

Andrew-Do your best to make it out! The show's going to be very impressive.

John said...

re: the 600+ bike companies at the show....

Diversity isn't such a bad thing. I plan on checking out the big and little guys. The little guys are so much more interesting, though.

re: losing your voice....

I lost my voice at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show last year in about 2 hours. Throat lozenges is gonna be a good idea this time.

the inebriationist said...

If you need a hand setting up, let me know.

marco said...

Hi Brian
yeah not sure what Don is doing here... we want to dispaly our new full custom bike, full custom geometry and monocoque, a first in the industry and he said no! I was actually in Italy working on it in August. Then to find out he wouldn't let us exhibit. Then to see a press release with huge companies that crank out stuff they don't even make. I'm thinking What??? But any way... Really looking forward to the show and seeing some cool stuff. But I wonder if things are changing at NAHBS???
Looking forward to seeing you work!
Peace out
Mark Duff