Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hagens-Berman Hit Squad: Oregon Edition

I got a list of all the Oregon based Hagen-Daz-Borg Riders there are. It's quite impressive. Here's the break down of the players:

Carl Decker: He's pretty fast.
Andrew Fischer: Been known to win a race or two. Won the 2006 Oregon Cup
Ian Boswell: Now that he can drive a car I'm sure he'll be upgraded.
Brian Marcroft: Straight money pimp.
Damien Schmitt: Still racing after all these years.
Alex Newport-Berra: He goes up hill very fast.
Dan Watson: Does he still ride? I saw him dish out some serious pain in 2005...
Joe King: He races a lot, I'm sure there will be some results in 2007.
Adam Curry: If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all...
Solomon Woras: Anyone that races SS Cross in a Speedo is alright with me. Besides we were on Team O together, as 4s...and Omer too. I'm seeing a trend here.
Taylor Kneuven: Altitude training and keg stands.

Don't hate.

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