Sunday, October 01, 2006

Final 'Race' Report of '06

It's was StarCrossed weekend in Seattle and I was going up to help out and maybe race then haul ass to PDX for the first Cross Crusade. Here's how it went down.

-Up bright and early Saturday
-Pack all my stuff, caffinate, plug in i-Pod and hit the road. Only 4 hours to Marymoor Velodrome
-It's 1:00 and I'm only an hour late. Of course Russ is just arriving too so we go look for Terry to find out what needs to be done.
-Terry is looking a bit tattered and points us to registration and says, 'Make it happen'
-Cool, looks like I'll be helping out with registration for a little while before the others get there.
-6 hours later everyones register and I'm heading off to get kitted up. Why am I racing after sitting in registration all day without any fluid or food in me...I'm stupid I guess. Something I learned about working in registration, be calm and cool. It seems as though a racers IQ drops 20 points 2 hours before their race time. Odd.
-Barrow some water from the Whitman boys and down a Cliff bar. I guess I'm ready to race.
-Random number call ups, I'm mid-pack of 100+ riders on the start line.
-Gun goes off and I set off to get to the front of the race.
-4 laps later I pull the pin and practice my wheelies around the course until the officials pull me because I'm about to get lapped.
-Dickson did give Marcroft Cycles a shout out while I was racing though. Sweet.
-Roll around a little bit showing off my Ti crosser.
-Give Tubbs shit about riding a GT that's as old as I am. Seriously you gotta get a new ride.
-Get changed and watch the best Elite cross race I've seen at StarCrossed.
-Hand out some Marcroft Cycles cards. I hope someone bites.
-Get a text message from home, Kristin just felt the baby for the first time. Oh man, I really hope some one bites on a bike.
-Take off to Anthony and Mire's place. Decide that I'm wicked hungery and Applebees is just down the street.
-Dine on half price appitizers and a beer until midnite. Talked a lot about mountainbiking and racing motocross but we mainly just gave Mire a hard time about riding a 30+lb mountainbike. Why do that to yourself?
-12:30 finally getting some sleep.
-7:30 get up.
-Slam a double esspresso and haul ass to Russ's to meet up for the 9:30 Hagens-Berman team ride.
-3 hours of sidewalks, trails and back alleys we get done. Wierd training in Seattle and it makes me really appreciate living in the mid valley.
-First ride with the SRM and I got 1100 watts in an effort some place. I don't even remember sprinting either. I wonder if I can do 1200 watts in an all out sprint?
-Russ's new wife, Dana, made us lunch. Mmmm pizza. Damn it I'm never going to get skinny.
-Go do some fit stuff at Russ's place of employment. Found out that I'm not very far off in my position. Good.
-Hit the road home.
-It's 3:30, oops I guess I'm not stopping by the Crusade race. Next weekend maybe.

Good time, sweet race and I'm still sexy as hell.


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Anonymous said...

"I'm still sexy ass"

I'll bet your butt is sexy in those lycra shorts...

Would you be willing to give me some private riding lessons?

Marilyn in Beaverton