Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mother Ship Has Called

Monday I'm flying back to Kansas to visit the main office. It'll be a short trip, I'll be back Wednesday afternoon. Which is good since I don't think I can really be away from dude for much longer than that.

Besides what is there to do in Kansas? I've heard that the have good BBQ. Lovely...beef, that sounds delicious....gag. I've heard the riding is unique. I think ever bike that is sold comes with areo bars attatched. I'm not even taking my bike anyway. At least everyone I talk to at the facility in Kansas is super cool. Maybe they can clue me into why they like to live there.

Here's a picture of dude. He's growing soooo fast.


Bond, James Bond said...

This isn't original, but do you know why Kansas is so windy? Because OK sucks and NE blows.

K-Man said...

dude. is this the news you have been looking for?

Russell @ said...

You gonna get the promotion and move to kansas?? alright!

Looks like Discovery has a new GPS sponsor. Is Garmin going to counter?

why don't we have a link on your website? When are you coming up? Bring the little guy. We'll run some tests and see if he has a future as bike racer.

Russell @ Herriott Sports

Brian Marcroft said...

Certainly NOT moving to Kansas. A promotion would be nice though.

It might be a little early to run tests on dude. Why crush his...or my dreams this early.

Brian Marcroft said...

Dang! I gotta start running spell check on my blog entries.