Friday, April 06, 2007

Fastest Builder

Who is the fastest on their own creation....I think I might be.

John Slawta is pretty quick. I rode with him in Ashland last June on the Mountian Lakes Challenge. He was gasing it pretty hard up Green Springs Hwy. I will say that it was the first climb of a 100+ miler for me. He only did 50ish and didn't drop me.

Sacha is pretty good with the cyclocross. I'm never in shape at that time of year, but if I did race it would be in th A's.

Ira Ryan does crazy long races. The longest I've ridden on one day is 155 miles. In any 'normal' road race i think I'd have him covered.

Mike D still rides when he's not up to his eyeballs in orders so that's not even fair.

Maybe we should have an exhibition race to decide it. Or maybe I should just sell some more bikes and not worry about who's fastest.


P-Dog said...

the real question, is which has the coolest sunnies? my vote is Sideshow Marcroft.

Brian Marcroft said...


Anonymous said...

Tim from the now defunct Two-Circles cycles would smoke your ass on a mtn bike though. Especially SS.

Brian Marcroft said...

I remember Two Circle bikes. Bitch'n bikes. That was like 4-5 years ago when they were rocken central Oregon. I don't know though, I'm still pretty fast on a mountian bike just not a SS. A SS is on the list of bikes to build so maybe we'll find out.