Sunday, February 18, 2007

First Race Ever??

You'd think so by how wicked nervous I am. It's silly how shaky I am this morning, I'm trying to get my mind off this race by designing some bikes but it's not working. My head keeps coming back to this race and it's not even that important of an event.

I probably shouldn't have looked at the pre-registered athletes. Doug O is signed up which means he'll probably have Evan in tow. I've heard that the entire CMG squad will be there hell bent on smacking everyone around. We'll have at least 5 guys which means we'll need to be represted in every break or we get to bring it back. Today will be a bunch of suffering followed be another healthy dose of suffering. I can't believe I wanted this.

At least I'm not in Omer's shoes...first race of the year being to biggest race of the year for the squad. Ouch.


P-Dog said...

you did pretty good man.

Kenji said...

Yeah- no kidding. You did great. That's a hard ass jump.