Thursday, February 01, 2007


Like everyone else, I had a Big Wheel that I ripped around the neighborhood on. I also did a little racing on it. I won the Low Rider Rally two years in a row. I was five years old and it was my first taste of competition, leg powered competition at that!

I knew there were some photos of the race floating around my parents house and wouldn't you know it they found 'em. Check it out, 1980.

That's me in the blonde hair, #32 jersey and black big wheel. It even had rear wheel farings on it. I remember being super nervous before that heat race. I thought everyone was way bigger than me....story of my life really.

The start of a heat race. I'm second in from the right. That's my old man behind me. He looks pretty stoked about the start I got.

Little Brian wasn't aware of the proper finishline pose. Both hands in the air, pointing to the heavens.


Coach Curly said...

dude... that's classic. The first pic says it all. The caption is either: "That fella looks kinda tough" OR "You're goin down sucka!"

Anonymous said...

You should be DQ'd. Those fairings on the wheels aren't structural. Looks like an unfair aero advantage....

Ha! Too funny

Kenji said...

Look at all that back fat! Were you drinking beer back then too? hehehehehe.

Missed you on Gibson. It sucked. Hard.

I'm taking today off. Legs are pooped.