Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday Extremes

Today I woke up to a 26°F temperature and icy street. Great way to start a 6 hour ride. I cautiously rolled down to Scott's Cycle for the 7:30 ride. When I get there nobody is kitted up and they're trying to figure out where to go to breakfast...whatever, it's not that bad out. Anyway Kyle Gritters was in town and he was at the shop ready to roll, so roll we did with two other brave souls. It was a great ride, a little sketchy at times but great none the less. About 1.5 hours into the ride disaster strikes. As we were all riding relaxed, feeling that the ice was not a problem, we turned left onto a side road. First down, Kyle. Second down, Matt, after rolling over Kyle rear wheel. Third down, Lauren. Of course I stayed upright because I was on my custom made Marcroft that tracks superbly in the snow and ice. After the melee we were down a rear wheel and a rear derailuer on Kyles bike. After jimmying it back together we limped back to the shop. Luckily the temperature was rising, Steve and John got the bike running again and we were able to continue the trek. Six hours, 3000Kjl.

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PAT.K said...

True enough. Tried making it to the 7:30 myself but one step onto my deck and I knew it wasn't smart. Ended up departing at 10am with Alison Paulus/Schlicht. She just signed a deal with Chris Morschac and was dying to try out one of here new steads. Somehow the contract hooked her up with 2 new rides. A Full Carbon Scott with Campy Carbon Shifters and also a Scott 'Cross bike. Damn. I thought about saying something...Ice covered roads and a new bike? Don't really mix but I didn't want to be the buzz kill. We headed South. Liberty, Skyline, etc. etc. Might as well descend Steep hills when it's icy, right? Everything went smooth, the ride was about 3hrs. and than she went down. Luckily it was slow, she was just pulling out of that big fancy neighborhood, Concomly I think? onto Rosedale and slipped down onto her side. Well, The Brand New Carbon Shifters are no longer new but they still work. Her hip? Yeah, it's black and blue. Oh well, tough chick. Anyhow, good to hear others are out there doing the same crap.