Monday, December 04, 2006

Enough Already

Alright we get it, cyclocross racers are 'zany, cooky, dudes.' They like to drink beer and wear speedos while racing in knee deep mud. But you know what, when everyone else is doing it, you're no longer unique.

Cyclocross was at one time a fringe sport of another fringe sport (road racing). Now it's all mainstream. I mean the New York Time ran an article about it for christs sake.



$ said...

No, I don't think you get it...

Cross is a lot harder sport than road racing. Good cross racers are tough like Belgians in the spring. Any skinny bast*rd can climb, getting out there for an hour of anaerobic suffering in the cold rain and muck takes balls.

You're right about the weirdos and dorks though. Bet that guys a gentle lover.

Anonymous said...

$, you're a dumb-ass.

Brian Marcroft said...


You missed my point. I never said it was tougher than road racing. I admit it's a dang tough discipline.

Shouldn't we all strive to be gentle lovers though.