Monday, January 16, 2006


I haven't posted for a while now and Anthony was giving me shit about it so here's a post just for him.

In my fatty days I've been known to put a hurt into a large pie from any and all pizza joints. Now it's a treat to mack a slice of heaven so I have to make it count. Here's my top 5 pizza places in town.

5. Pizza Peddler in Aumsville. I know it's outta town but they have a garlic crust that rocks and everytime we roll through town you can smell the pizzas cooking. Mmmmm.

4.Prime Time. They deliver. It's not super greasy and heavy.

3. Lefty's. New York style pies and they have specialty pies too. My favorite is their chicken pesto.

2. Wallery's. I grew up (and out) on this pizza parlor style pie. Damn it's good. 10 bucks for a large one topping. At that price everyone gets their own.

1. Padington's Pizza. Hands down the best in Salem. Order a pepperoni and mushroom, you won't be disapointed. Maybe after I win my first race I go there and celebrate.

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