Friday, December 09, 2005


I just have to vent. I'm sitting here hacking away on my PC and the phone rings. I pick up and the dude on the line says "Hey Brian, blah, blah, blah" like he's my friend, when in reality he's selling mortgages. That just pisses me off when these dirt bags talk to you on a first name basis. So I said take me off your list, and he procceeds to get lippy with me. I just told him to remove me from his call list again, and as I'm hanging up the phone I can hear him giving me attitude. Damn I wish I could remember the company he was representing. Whatever, he's sitting in a cube making phone calls for minumum wage, his life must really suck. If it makes him feel better to give me a hard time after I tell him to remove me from the call list, so be it.

Back to business. The final components are on the way to get my shop up and running, wahoo! I've been lifting wieghts on a regular basis and I'm logging the miles on the bike. Only 2 months until the first race of the season. I can't wait.

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