Friday, December 23, 2005

Lots Going On

Where to begin...On the Marcroft Cycles front, all is going well. Just when I start getting frustrated that my efforts are not paying off I get a few more pieces to the puzzle. I recieved a bunch of frame specific tools (1500 bucks worth!) from the guys at UBT in Ashland. My welder finally came in. My dad dialed me in on a contact at Industrial Source here in Salem. They treated me good on the price, so it looks like I have a source for all my welding needs now. Maybe if I drop enough $ there I can talk 'em into title sponsoring the Marcroft Cycles Elite Cyclocross Team in 2006...hmmm.

Starting a frame shop from the ground up is tough. Most frame builders get their start by moonlighting at the shop they're working at. Unfortunatly I don't have that luxury. I have to get everything together before I can make any bikes to sell. That means negative cash flow for a while. That will all change soon after going live. Hell my mother found someone that's interested in a frame. There are cyclists everwhere in this town, it always suprises my where the pop up.

My quest for road racing stardom is progressing nicely. I had an update meeting with my coach this week and we determined that we're on track for next season. He was able to put things in percpective, specifically my weight issue. I only need to lose 2 pounds per month to get to my ideal weight before the 'climbing races'. That seems doable.

I've been iPodded. Damn, those things are cool. Every cyclist that logs tons of miles needs one. They make time in the saddle rip by.

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