Monday, February 21, 2011

Attention Oregon Road Bike Racers!

Here are a couple pointers for you to follow when you go road racing again.

1) Wash your gear and replace that old nasty worn out stuff with something crisp. There should be no holes and the sublimation should not be faded so bad I can see your skin.

2) Wear a matching kit. I should look at you on the road and be able to tell the last 3 squads you were associated with.

3) Wear your helmet correctly. I should not be able to see your entire forehead.

4) Shave your legs, especially in the Pro, 1,2 race. You've reach a certain level of competition, time to get serious.

5) Take all the dangling cute shit off your bike. I don't want to find myself trying to go up the road with a dude that has Tickle We Elmo hanging from his saddle rails.

6) Fenders....really?

This is road racing let's class it up.


Big E said...

It always blows my mind that people don't think about that stuff. Winning is in the details. If you don't care enough about what you're doing to think about it and act accordingly then you probably shouldn't be there. Especially at the higher levels.

mr. f. g. superman said...

And seriously, when you drink your tea, cock that little finger up! Jesus!