Sunday, March 22, 2009

Banana Belted

I'm so glad they're done. I'm looking forward to racing someplace that isn't circumnavigating a large body of water.

Here's a recap.
#1: Wet filthy roads, fast. 17th
#2: Snow. Canceled. Sick anyway
#3: Rain, cold, fast. 19th
#4: Cloudy, comfortable, fast then slow, repeat. 20th

I managed to avoid a crash in #1 that happen right next to me. CMG kid hit the deck hard after someone knocked into him. In #4 I rode right over the front wheel and fork of a CMG kid the crashed while taking one of his 12 layers off...on the last lap. That incident took a chuck of carbon out of my non-drive crank arm. On the positive, I did get to show off my mad bike handling skills to those in back of me.

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Karsten said...

Time for some wet, filthy racing somewhere else.