Friday, September 05, 2008


So, it's September now and everyone's thoughts are turning towards the upcoming cross season. I'm no exception. As I finish up some cross frames I can't help but think about the start of the NBA season and especially the Blazers and their potential season. they're going to be soooo good. I can't wait to see Rudy play in the NBA. This kid's good. Always looking for a play and it usually above the rim.

Check out the dunk over Howard in the Gold medal game.
Rudy Fernandez Dunks on Dwight Howard

Suck it.


Old as dirt said...

There were 2 Marcrofts in the Ring of Fire TT, Paul Renniger did 166 miles around Mt Hood in 12 hrs.
My total for 24 hrs was 184 miles, but I slept for 12 of the 24 hrs!! Was way out in front, and just imploded (sun/dehydrated) at the end of the first night lap. Not a good way to end the season. Thanks for the support

Russell@Upper Echelon Fitness said...

Blazers. yeah!