Sunday, June 08, 2008

Should I Go

This years 'Oregon' Builders Show. Should I display?

As many of you already know I have a love/hate relationship with PDX. I realy like the idea of having an Oregon show but unfortunatly some people think that Oregon is just the Portland Metro area. But I guess when 17 of the 22 Oregon builders are in P-Town it's easy to see why.

Rumor has it they are going to have a handmade only cross race. Might be cool. I predict a Vanilla, DeSalvo or maybe a Marcroft winning. The later being my personal favorite :)


Heckler said...

Regarding the 'handbuilt' cross race, which frames out there aren't handbuilt? Maybe the molded carbon ones, but aren't most welded frames built by hand, even if by 13 year old master welders in an asian country?

K-Man said...


Tim said...

Go Brian! If it is not a super costly thing to have a space. I think you could use some 16x20 shots of your frames and/or them in action....I'd be happy to help someway in that aspect. Gotta spend money to make money?
TT bike looks pretty nice!

Sara said...

GO! Your booth was great @ NAHBS. And hey, maybe someone will see you and say, "Hey, that guy was in the BP article!" :-)