Saturday, April 05, 2008


I wussed out of doing the stage race this weekend. I just couldn't justify the entry plus all the driving, especially when I don't know how my fitness is doing. So instead of racing this weekend I'm getting in a couple solid rides. Good luck to Doug W and Mick (even if he is in a FRM kit this weekend) It's pretty cool to know that I don't have to be at every race now and I'll still have good guys out there to show off the bikes. Now if I could just get Damian racing before September.

Today was 3.5 hours. I was able to shang-hi the ride today so we could do some of the tougher climbs around Salem. For 'climbs', what we have around here is not very long, about 2 miles, but gains on average about 800feet in the 2 miles. One climb is just 1.1 miles long with a gain of 800 feet. Sick. So it was throttle it on the climbs and noodle it to the next. We'll see what tomorrow has in store.

I'm building this guy a TT bike. He's pretty stoked. He just got fit up by the pros at HSP on their Waterford fit bike. I got the info yesterday and I'm working on the frame design now. Kevin is certainly one of those people that needs a custom bike. All leg, no torso. Basically the exact opposite of Kenji :)

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Old as dirt said...

Sorry we didn't show off our bikes very much in the crit today!
Doug and I were in a group that was pulled at about halfway.
Yesterday was my best day racing this year, though. I also have been putting some extra miles in.
Hopefully, I can do something next weekend....In Marcroft kit.