Sunday, March 16, 2008

BB #3

I'm so glad I don't need to ride around that stupid lake for 11 more months.

Team Marcroft Cycles had 3 guys...well 2.5 guys as I'm still not feeling all that well after being sick. Mick, Doug and I were there and ready to go. Race went like this.
Lap one:
-Fast, I'm in a break. I drop out of the break. CMG rides tempo.
Lap two:
-Zach Winter bridges to the original break that I dropped out of. CMG rides tempo. Break @1:00
Lap three:
-More CMG tempo. Break @2:00. Doug breaks his drivetrain.
Lap four:
More CMG tempo. Break @1:10
Lap Five:
-Omer bridges with Joe King when the break is @:45ish
Lap six:
-The break is getting hammered. It's down to just Omer and Sagers. We stopped getting time splits. They are out of sight. I'm hanging by a thread on every 'serious hill.' Oh, and more CMG tempo.
Lap Seven (last lap)
-Pretty fast. I get dropped on the hill 4km from the finish. Mick gets boxed out in the sprint and chills. Omer wins from the break.

Next up, Independence Valley RR in Washington. Time to take this show on the road.


Anonymous said...

A quote from a CAT II who rode BB#3,
"Well, the 1/2 race was very easy this week. A break got off and CMG Sprint the whole day sitting on the front chasing.

In the sprint for 3rd the whole pack was still there."


Brian Marcroft said...

Wow, that cat II must be some kind of specimen. Defiantly more stud than I.

jimmy said...

it makes me happy to see people tearing it up in march because if they don't do it now, they will be doing it in a few months when there are cooler races in nicer weather. I know it sounds like a total slacker routine but I think its okay to wait a little while before going fast. The season is like 10 months long and unless bike riding is your job, its hard to go fast all the time.