Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cyclingnews.com Luv

James Huang of Cyclingnews stopped by the booth on Sunday to snap some photos. I was stoked because I was sure to not get any coverage from VeloSnooze or BikePDX. And we all know cyclingnews.com is the shiznit and the only real cycling website worth reading, well 'cept for Pez. Check it out.





K-Man said...

Damn we're proud of you.

twowheeldork said...

Yo B!

I totally dropped the ball. The cross rig shoulda been in the booth. I'm looking at it now in my hotel room and even super dirty, it's super sexy! Oh well, Ti bikes in the show next year...mmmm Ti cross bikes. Nice work man.

Old as dirt said...

That's great pub, sorry I couldn't get my bike together for the show.
Garth's looks great, I might have another sale for ya later this year!
And when they see my road bike the orders will come rolling in ;-)