Thursday, November 01, 2007

Update: Fall 2007

Time for a Marcroft Cycles update.

Racing: Damian is getting things together at the Crusades with a 15th place finish in the A's in Astoria. Pat's taken a week off from racing in the B's. He'll be looking to take it a little easier on the first lap next weekend at Barton park. As for me....I'm really enjoying this nice weather with some nice long slow rides on the weekends with a little mountain biking mixed in. I'm also getting into the gym for a little weight lifting and core strengthening. I need to see 1400+watts on the SRM this year to come around the CMG juggernaut

Team: I'm finalizing the roster for team Marcroft Cycles this week. It's going to be awesome! Kit orders will go out next week and I should be sporting shiny fresh duds by January.

Biz: Here's the biggie, I'm going to display at the NAHB in Portland. It's a big deal for Marcroft Cycles, with the chance to really gain some local exposure and a chance to be noticed on a world scale. So I really need to design a booth concept that is classy and showcases who I am and what I'm doing.

If it all goes right 2008 should be a growth year for Marcroft Cycles.

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