Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Beastie Boys
Ill Communication

Best band in the universe.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding. My cats can sing better than that...

Brian Marcroft said...


the inebriationist said...

Someone needs kicked in the junk.

Oh wait, you have cats, nevermind.

BM: Soon to be transplanted to Salem. Slowly, but surely I'm uncovering the local bike blogs looking for an in with the Oregon bike scene, trails, rides, etc. So this is my Hello.

Brian Marcroft said...

Welcome to 'the lem' or 'so lame' or just plain old Salem. As far as the local bike scene goes, you found the center of it. I'm the shit when it comes to putting together the dope training rides....seriously.

Give me a call or send me a note when you get to town. All the info is on my site under Contact.

the inebriationist said...

Funny, I'm from "L'Ames" Iowa.

Will do.