Saturday, May 26, 2007


Everyone doping or at least admitting that they doped, but only a little or maybe a lot. Even P-Dogg is admitting something.

I told dude that Zabel admitted using EPO in the past. He was pissed. Zabel, really? If he did it then the entire pro peloton is on the juice.

K-Man has been having quite a string of bad luck on the bike. Dog bites, busted tires getting his ass beat by me. The list goes on. Lets hope his luck changes soon....we'll not necessarily the last part.

I'm actually going to race this weekend.

Shocking, I know. Silverton road race is tomorrow. I train out there all the time, although I doubt that will keep me from getting thrashed by all the pros in town getting preped for Mt Hood.

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