Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sleep Deprived Racing

Today was Banana Belt #3. When I showed up everyone was congratulating me on the arrival of the dude. I really didn't do much of the work to get him here but what the heck I'll take some of the glory. Thanks everyone.

The race went a little something like this. Pain, this isn't so bad, pain, not so bad, pain, not so bad....anyway you get the picture. I finished with the main bunch and thought about getting into position to sprint but thought otherwise. Some day soon I'm going to full on sprint in a 1,2 race. I think I can hold my own. BTW Zach won...barring a DQ'd.

Per request, here's another picture of dude.


Old as dirt said...

Does "The Dude" have a name?

Brian Marcroft said...

Of course...Noah Reed. 'Dude' just kinda stuck when he was still in the womb.