Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dang Good Look'n

Check it out, I'm 'Photo of the Week'. I'm going to buy this image from Amara and use it for the family Christmas card.

Merry Christams Suckas!


Anonymous said...

Won it by a Bike Lane Byatch!

Anonymous said...

what brand of bike do you ride yo? you look taller than 5'6". can I have your number? Are you single? You're cute.

-Marilyn From Beaverton

Brian Marcroft said...

I had the sprint coverd, much to my suprise.

I ride a custom Marcroft, duh. I'm in fact only 5'6" tall but my alter-ego is much taller. Sorry but I'm married to a wonderful woman. My cutness is a curse that I live with everyday. It's tough being this pretty.

Anonymous said...

Here's my number in case you want to talk cycling. I just moved here from Colorado and don't know very many people. Maybe we can go for a spin. 503-232-7832

Marilyn From Beaverton