Saturday, June 17, 2006

Class Act

I'm leaving for 2 more weeks of training in Ashland. That's right, I'll soon be able to offer titanium bikes. It's funny how as soon as I mention that custom Ti bikes will be avaliable soon from Marcroft Cycles people light up. Nobody wants steel right now. Even if I can make a lighter, better riding and cheaper frame from steel. Oh well, I gotta give the people what they want right? Whatever puts food on the table.

I've got a couple bikes at a custom painter right now. I can't wait to get them back. I'm not one to get too excited about pretty paint but if his portfolio is any indication these bike will look sweet. I'll get pictures up on my site soon. Which brings me to the website. I have a guy getting a site together right now. He's a graphic artist that has a good eye for color and all things cool. Along with the site he's doing up a kit design for me to race in next year. I've got to get out of the kit that has a Belgium painted/Taiwan made frame company on it. I wish I had the money and resources to replace that name with mine. Oh well in time I suppose.

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing time in Ashland just going to class and then riding my bike around the Rouge Valley. I hope to use it as a little training camp and build some fitness for the second half of the season. I want to turn my top 10s into top 5s. You never know I might actually win a race. That would go a lot towards my upgrade.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time at UBI. If your schedule isn't "too relaxing" you should come race a Thursday Nighter or two in Medford. We can always use an extra pair of strong legs to keep the racing interesting.

Anonymous said...

You need to write your opinions on those doping bastards.