Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It would seem it takes an act of God for me to post anymore. Actually it only takes one a-hole tri-geek. You see, I was out for a little recovory/I gotta sell some bikes ride on Tuesday and I had a little run in with a local short short wearer. First off let me state that this group ride has been dubbed the 'hour of power' by some. It's gives all the wannabees in town that can't hang on the Wednesday night world championship ride to put the screws to rec riders that just want to ride their bikes with a group and socailize. Anyway I do these rides sometimes because I know everyone there and it gives me a chance to show off my frames and let people know what I've been up to.

There was this dude there on a naked Trek Madone with clip on bars. I noticed that he had his saddle jammed as far forward as possible and he was wearing the lamest kit ever. Short black shorts with a sleevless jersey. He sceamed triathelete. Hey, whatever, he's gotta get in his miles and what the hell he's on a bike, he gotta be a cool guy...right? Well not really. Everythig was going fine. The 'superstars' were putting the boots to the group, I was sitting in rapping with someone about my latest bike build, everything was nornal until I look up at the front of the group. I see Mr. 'I Own running Shoes that I Actually Run in' at the front of the goup, head down in his TT bars motoring away. Ah shit, that's not right. Every cyclist knows that it's a cardnail sin to ride in your TT bars at the front of the group. Well I thought this guy must be new to group riding and I should give him a pointer on group riding etiquette.

I roll up to him at say, 'Hey how's it going. Just a little pointer, it's not cool to ride in your bars while riding in a group. It's not safe'

His response, 'I'll ride in my bars when I want. You don't need to give me pointers.'

What the hell!! He's lucky I didn't saddle smack him into the ditch. I explained to him I wasn't trying to be a dick to him, I was just looking out for the safety of the group and letting him know what isn't acceptable in a group atmosphere. Well he wasn't listening and continued to tell me that it's alright and he'll do what he wants, when he wants.

Screw him! I didn't speak with him the rest of the ride.

I know that roadies have an elitist aditude and I'm aware of that. I try to speak with all cyclists, even if they are riding a recumbant. I didn't expect this attitude from at tri-geek.

So, here's to you on the Madone geeked out with clip on bars....Get Bent!!


theresa pietzold said...

Are you really five and half feet tall?

I am smiling!!


Brian Marcroft said...

On a tall day.