Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another Day in the Saddle

I lucked out again today for weather, it was still cold out but we stayed dry. If only this weather would hold until the spring. I know it won't and I'm going to end up riding for hours in the cold rain. For some reason I don't mind racing in shit weather but I hate training in it.

I started of in a group of 20 or so riders but it soon became apparent that the rest in the group were content rolling along at 14mph. Now I'm all for base miles at an easy pace but come on, I was falling asleep on the bike. So Omer and I went off on our own and finished with a solid 3 hours in. It's good to have Omer around this year as I can always count on him to be on the rides, even in the shittiest weather. I'll be able to hang with him until both our programs become more specific but in the mean time we get to rap about bikes, business and life as the miles roll by.

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Omer Kem said...

omer sucks....